Video Production!

Well I have been a very bad boy, haven’t posted an update on my progress on my new adventure in quite some time. Sorry about that!

Anyway… I have my eBook ready to go PDF except for the “videos”. Well let me tell you, because I’m going to anyway – lol, it is NOT as easy as it looks. From the technical aspect, it ain’t that bad, especially when you have all the training videos to use and just follow them step by step. It’s the actual recording of the videos… OMG!! I thought this would be a breeze, just write out a script, fire up, follow the script and do your thing. HELL NO, it ain’t at all like that man!

You start out, hum and hah your way through, get lost on the script and before you know it you are totally screwed up and just delete it and start again.

Well I discussed this with my mentor and he had a very good rule of thumb…”don’t get it perfect, just get it done”. I also discovered he had the same troubles in the beginning as well and others have told me much the same, so that has given me new hope! I will just have to keep plugging away at it and remember I have a top notch editor and I can improve it then produce it.

So anyway I know all this will get easier as time passes. Just have to keep plugging away. Maybe I should have stuck with just an eBook for now. Ah, that’s not the way I role but I’ll get there – lol.

Till next time.


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  1. Hey Kelly!

    Well I guess we all have to go through video creation some day huh!

    My recommendation would be very similar to your mentor’s: “don’t get it perfect, get it DONE!”.

    This obviously sounds easier said than done, one thing that has been helping me a lot to keep going forward is accepting that I can FAIL and that it can be ok.

    I wrote “MAKE IT OK TO FAIL” on huge bold red letters on top of my whiteboard, and being able to see that every day, I just have one shift now like Charlie Sheen’s… “GO!”.

    So my recommendation would be: If you think you might or are going to fail, fail NOW already!

    And start building up from there, just do SOMETHING about it.

    Hope that helps and looking forward to watch you for the first time on camera, it is really not that bad man, believe me, I’ve been there! ;-)


  2. Hey Sergio!

    Thanks for the comment and the suggestion.

    I have put that up on my white board as well now and we’ll see if it helps. What did help me was to hear of other Internet Marketers who are a big success had the same problem in the beginning.

    Watch out for my videos on my blog, they will be streamed from YouTube as well, they are going to be crazy. After all, a crazy canuck!!

    Kelly the Canadian

  3. Good on yer Kelly.

    At least you’ve started to take action and actually start a project. 99% of people involved in internet marketing haven’t even got that far.

    Let me know if you want the product reviewing and I’ll be happy to take a look:)

    Good luck!

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