Use your time wisely

As a business owner, it’s important for you to learn as much as you possibly can about all phases of your business. If you want your business to grow, you should be constantly on the alert for ideas that will improve your marketing, your web site, your customer service, your productivity, and if you have employees, the way you hire, interact with and coach employees. And those things are just the tip of the iceberg.

Well, this is one area where multitasking makes perfect sense. Educate yourself while you workout, while your drive your car, or while you travel.

Many books, seminars, conference presentations, and webinars and other educational material are available these days in CD, MP3, or DVD formats that you can listen to while you’re doing something else. You can improve your mind and your business by listening to or watching these materials when you’re traveling, running, or cleaning the house.

Instead of filling your iPhone with songs, transfer teleconference transcripts to it, or download an audio book that will help you improve your business. Instead of watching TV at the gym (or watching the clock because you’re bored), prop up a DVD player on the treadmill or strap an MP3 player to your arm and learn new ways to get publicity for your business or better ways to find the best employee for that job opening on your staff.

Use your car CD player or an MP3 player to listen to books, seminars, webinars and training courses while you’re driving to your office or a client’s location. Even if your commute is only 5 minutes from your home, like mine is, you’ll turn your daily drive into a learning experience. If you’re taking your laptop on a plane trip, take an audio CD and ear buds along with you. That way, if the person ahead of you reclines you can still listen to something educational even if you can’t open laptop wide enough to view the screen or type.



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