Technical difficulties!

I think we are missing a post or two. I had some technical difficulties, well more “lack of technical experience” difficulties but thanks to the folks at D9 Solutions who save me every time!!! we are back up and running. They can only save so much when one does not back up their site enough. ME – :o But they are awesome support and respond fast, I mean fast!

Anyway, my last (or lost) post was about the formula for making money on line and it is very simple.


That’s it BUT it doesn’t matter what you have for an offer, if you don’t get any traffic to it, it means nothing.

There are other factors of course like trust, relations, usable content (not one click auto-pilot CRAP), conversion factors (how many buy compared to visitors) but all that can be figured out by trail and error as well as tracking the hits. Again, if you don’t get the hits, all that other stuff means nothing.

So what it boils down to is that you need traffic so, SPEND YOUR TIME GENERATING TRAFFIC. Once you have traffic you can start playing with the other stuff.

Keep checking back for more on traffic in the future as my first product out of the gate will be on that subject.

I will also have some free traffic eBooks on my site when it comes live in the near future. (right now it comes here)

Till next time!

Kelly the Canadian

5 Responses to “Technical difficulties!”

  1. Hey Kelly,

    Glad the folks from D9 helped you sort out your technical problems. I have heard they are an absolute must for internet marketers.

    On the other hand, I have been checking your past posts and you have some great information here and there.

    Hope you remain going strong in your online internet activities and please let me know when your traffic ebook is ready. ;-)

    Take care and have a great weekend!


  2. Great advice Kelly. Without traffic you are dead in the water. So important yet something that a lot of internet marketers find so difficult. Then, just as you have cracked it along comes a new Google Algorithm and wooops your traffic is halved in a moment! LOL

    What you can’t go wrong with is getting quality backlinks to your site. That always pays off well.


  3. Hi Kelly, It all starts with traffic it’s just a case of how to get it. People say the money is in the list! Sure it is, but if you have no traffic going to your list you have no list. No list = No money.

    Let me know when you have up and running and I will throw the in for free for your subscribers. That should generate some traffic for you and me :-D

  4. Hi Daniel, I will for sure! A guy can use all the help he or she can get with a new site and I was looking for some more participants in the site as well. So if you know of anyone else that would like to post some free info, let me know.
    Thanks bunches!

  5. Hi Sandy, yep that is how simple it is yet sooo difficult.

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