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Just a quick note to readers, I have no problem with anyone (auto-bots excluded) posting comments on my blog. I monitor them myself so anything inappropriate or simply bashing will be denied.

The one thing you should know is if you try to include a URL in your comment text, my anti-spam plug-in will stop the comment before I even see it.

So comment away, simply follow my rules and we will be friends. Almost nobody knows who I think I am – lol.

Talk soon


5 Responses to “Spam Block”

  1. Good policy Kelly. I don’t know why some commenters waste their time posting blatant adverts or inappropriate remarks as most blog owners moderate their comments anyway.

    I make it a rule not to publish comments that don’t add value to my posts. For example I don’t publish comments like “Great post. Keep up the good work”. With a little more thought and effort they would have got their comment published.

    Will they ever learn?


  2. Hey Kelly,

    Nice to know man!

    I think I have that setting to maximum two (2) comments on the text field but that’s definitely a strong candidate to raise a red flag and get caught on my security filters.

    Hope you’re getting much less s.p.4.m. now!

    Take care and keep up the good work ;-)


  3. Yeh it’s awesome, stopped about 3700 spams in 2 months. Saves time monitoring blogs and emails!
    Take care Sergio, talk soon buddy!


  4. Now i’m glad that I noticed , exactly the suitable information which wanted! regards!

  5. GLad to help! Come back soon, good to see you.


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