Series On The Keys to Succeed – Volume 2

In the first post I described how we are programmed to have sub-conscience limitations by those we look up to. Again, we shouldn’t judge those people, they only worked with what they had and it’s up to us to change this programming so we can move forward with our dreams and aspirations and achieve our goals. This brings us to our first step which is “SETTING OUR GOALS”.

This step is very simple, simply right down your goals and keep them in front of you on a daily basis. I recommend you review your goals at least twice a day. I review mine when I get up in the morning and when I go to bed at night. That way you go to sleep with your goals in your thoughts and wake up with your goals in your thoughts.

One way to have your goals with you at all times is to use small index cards you can carry with you at all times, giving more opportunity to review on cab rides, commuter trains, at lunch and so on. The more you can review your goals the better.

You can also keep a goals binder that you can track your progress, having a separate page for each goal. You are going to want to set goals for all aspects of your life including career, financial, relationships, health and smaller goals such as possessions – the house you live in, the car you drive, vacations you want to take, when you want to retire, where you want to retire and so on.

Be specific about your goals as well. The color of the car you want, the lay out of the house you want, exactly where your vacation will be and the date you want to achieve each goal. It is very important you be very specific what your goals are. The more specific you are the more easily attainable they are. Why?

Well the clearer you make your goals, the better picture you can paint for your sub-conscience, the easier it is for your sub-conscience to recognize the methods and paths you need to take to achieve your goals. What I mean is, the more specific your goals are, the quicker you will recognize the things, people and opportunities that have always been there but we where programmed to ignore because we didn’t believe we could have or achieve them. We didn’t believe we were worthy to have or be anything we wanted.

I am telling you now, you DO deserve to have and be ANYTHING you want. You have as much right as anyone to have or be anything you want in this world. And don’t let anyone tell you can’t. Frankly it’s none of their business, they are your dreams and aspirations and no ones but yours.

In the next post we will look at one of the ways you can affirm your goals to get you closer to your dreams.

Till next time!


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