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Hi All

I have recently been getting some posts from people saying that my blog is not working on Internet Explorer properly. I have checked it out myself and all seems to be working just fine.

My conclusion brings to me the obvious for the experienced and for those of you who are newer to the business and to those who are making these posts, these types of bogus posts are only being made so they can put they own link on my site to create back links for their own SEO.

Let me update your false information you may have been fed on Search Engine Optimization.

1. You need to get back links to “Authoritative Sites”, which to my hopes but not reality, mine is NOT.

2. To be posting these types of negative comments about Microsoft’s Internet Explorer would not be appreciated by them AT ALL! I would suggest you cease such posting and find authoritative sites you can ask for back links. You must however have relevant content relating to their sites for them to approve your link. ( wow I use spell check a lot! lol).

3. On my site because I have a competent hosting company, I have the ability to approve or discard any comments I wish, so posting these false comments on my site is pointless.

You can check my links to the right in the “Recommended” category for links to the hosting company I use as well as a gentleman’s site who has great incite into SEO, his name is Richard Legg.

I hope this doesn’t offend anyone, but it is simple fact not anger. I have no bad feelings for those who are trying this, at all. You just need to educate yourselves more before you get yourselves in trouble with search engines and get banned, because they will.

I will not, at this time, report you to the search engines but be aware, some will who are fed up with these practices. We are all busy trying to work our businesses and don’t need these extra head aches.

Till next time!




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