Next Insert of Mr. X Interview

In the following section of the interview Mr X talks through some of the tactics he used to successfully sell the software for $495, making up to $40,000 a week in sales:


I was marketing to a niche.  Gamblers – although it’s a big niche, it’s still basically a niche.


I know that gamblers, are inherently gamblers … I felt that the product, and obviously what I did proved the fact, that the product was so under-priced before.


It was just a ridiculous amount – $30 for a program that did what this particular program did was just laughable.


But the guy that developed it – all fair dues to him he’d made an excellent product there, he’d developed an excellent product, but he didn’t really have much of an idea on marketing.


His ideas were keep the price down low and sell high volumes of it.  Well, I came along and using the same system that I’ve used with all my offline businesses,  and it’s a simple system that I’d put into practice with any online business… I realized that I could sell this at a much higher price and still sell the volume as well, which is exactly what we did.

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