Mentoring moving along

Well things are moving along in the mentoring courses I am taking. They are both very similar but I wanted two opinions as they say and I also have an old dog and a young pup for mentors. LOL not to offend, what I mean is the older one has more years of experience as in he mentor the younger mentor’s mentor. Wow that even confused me.

So my intent is to get the more experienced with the newest technologies! Not bad for an old truck driver hey! LOL

Anyway, I am done to getting everything loaded on their proper pages and in Click Bank and also so to attract some affiliate sales. The more the merrier – they say that too. Better to make half of what 20 people can sell, than all of what one can sell. That’s my hint for this post, develop your own products and get affiliates selling for you to explode your business.

If you want to learn more on the subject, just leave a comment and I would be delighted to share more with you on the subject.

Till next time.


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