Making videos?

Hey to you all!

Have you ever tried to make a video and given up because you couldn’t figure out how to edit and produce? Who me? oh yes many time lol.

Well I have been making videos for my new product, a traffic course and I have an editor that just rocks! It’s a fairly complicated looking piece of soft ware but it is NOT, when you get into it. And…they have the best video tutorials one could ask for. They run you through each process step by step and make it fun actually…I love it!!

I’m not sure they have a good version for Mac, I use windows 7 and it is fantastic.

Some people tell you to down load a free version of something and they work just great, like Camstudio, and they do unless… like me – you are a hummer and huh-er and stubble around then you need one that you can edit out all the babble and mistakes.

The software is called Camtasia and I highly recommend it. Yes it is a little pricy but I figure you only have to buy it once and you’re set.

They have a free trial if you want to try it, I’m not trying to make affiliate sales here, just some advise to help those who have video phobia like me but the trend in the IM world is leaning towards video for sales pages, promotions traffic generation and tutorial courses so get with it or be left behind (in my humble opinion).

There’s some links for you.

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