Here we go again! Spammers are at it again!

To all you people who are just spamming my blog with URL’s – STOP! I have my admin set for approval on all posts so you are wasting my time and yours. From this point forward I will be reporting the  spammers to the IC3 unit, a division of the FBI who work with Interpol on internet crime, spam being part of it. SO – STOP or pay the price. No need for it, participate in a proper manor, I have no problem with that and I will allow posts that are real. We all do it but be real, ask questions, contribute but stop spamming.


2 Responses to “Here we go again! Spammers are at it again!”

  1. Hey Kelly,

    Seems like you have been a lot of problems with spammers lately, are you using any spam stopping plugins?

    I use Akismet + GrowMap Anti SpamBot and I hardly ever deal with spam, maybe this could work for you as well?

    Let me know if you need any help in setting this out, I’d gladly help you man!

    Take care and good luck with your new product release! ;-)


  2. Hey buddy!
    Yeah I’ve had Akismet and I found it marked just about everything spam so I discontinued it. I will consider though, its getting to be a pain! I do have a capctha in place and it seems to have taken care of the bots but manual spammers are still at it. Its not a big deal, I just go in and spam report them. They just don’t get that I have to approve posts and it does them no good=d at all lol.

    Talk soon my friend!


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