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Series On The Keys to Success – Volume 3

In Volume 2 we discussed “setting our goals”. In setting your goals, you now have a target to aim at. Now we can look at a one of a couple of techniques that will affirm your goals and start to change the limitations in your sub-conscience. Affirmations are a verbal commitment to your goals that [...]

Series On The Keys to Succeed – Volume 2

In the first post I described how we are programmed to have sub-conscience limitations by those we look up to. Again, we shouldn’t judge those people, they only worked with what they had and it’s up to us to change this programming so we can move forward with our dreams and aspirations and achieve our [...]

Making Money Online – It Starts with YOU!

Yea I know, this was posted before. Had a little technical bump so I had to post again. Enjoy! More to come in the new year. Series on the keys to succeed Volume 1 As many of you have heard and many have said, 95% of people who try to make money online – Fail. [...]