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Inspiration for 2014

Been a while since my last post so I thought I would start with an inspirational video I just found. I am also using the memories of my Dad who we just lost, now you know I’ve been, for my new inspiration for my 2014 plans – and they’re big ones . Enjoy! Talk soon! [...]

Here we go again! Spammers are at it again!

To all you people who are just spamming my blog with URL’s – STOP! I have my admin set for approval on all posts so you are wasting my time and yours. From this point forward I will be reporting the  spammers to the IC3 unit, a division of the FBI who work with Interpol [...]

Internet Crime!

Have a bug in my pants (just an expression – lol) about Internet Crime. As I’m sure, you may have experienced some form of scam going on these days, hopefully nothing too serious . It really gets me when I see some form of rip-off  happening as it directly reflects on all of us who [...]

Hot Today!

Just a quick note to let you know how hot it is here today. I believe it hit 32c today and let me tell you, it’ll melt the hoofs off a camel – lol. Well that is an exaggeration but for September in Canada, that is pretty hot, met an igloo for sure. Sure is [...]