Are you using application software to assist you in your business? 7 things that qualify software.

The answer to this question should be yes. With the software available to us these days, there is no question that you should be using what is available to you to assist you in growing your business. It only makes sense that if you have something or someone helping you do tasks in your business, you then have more time to work on more important projects like website development or product creation, which increases your earning potential.

One thing you need to understand about me is that I shoot from the hip and give it to you straight. I hate deception and fraud when it comes to these people that put out hyped up, “this will do it all for you” one click software that in the end does nothing. So here you go, hope it doesn’t discourage and offend you in any way. My apologies if it does.

To clear up one of the biggest myths on the internet for those who are just starting out and have less of an understanding of how the internet works, there is no magic software out there that can just reach out and grab people and bring them to your offer or website. It’s true that if you rank in the top ten of Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines, you will receive a ton of organic and no cost traffic. But there is no software that can automatically do this for you with the push of a button. There is software that can help you with the process but not automatically do it for you. Is that clear enough?

What you need to understand is that people are using the above mentioned search engines browsers. What they type into the search window, determined through algorithms and a bunch of other technical names, is what results they get. These search engine operators are also constantly updating and modifying their systems to bring their users the best results they can. Be rest assured that the search engines also have very tight and well protected security for their systems so there is no way someone can tap in and grab this traffic. You can pay for it of course, that’s how they make money. So you see, software can’t just reach out and grab surfers, they are behind closed doors so to speak.

Now that you understand this, you can however, find application software that can assist you in your business in various different ways. There is also different sites that use software to help you do tasks like article or ad submission, that will in the end free up your time for other tasks which in turn speeds up your growth. This is the main goal of any business. Growth is the key to any businesses success whether it be building a list, generating more traffic to your site or simply developing more products of your own to market.

What should you look for in an application software?

Here are the 7 main things to look for – in my opinion;

  • Does the software actually perform a task for you?

  • Can you use it for your Website or Blog?

  • Can it give me reports or results when requested?

  • Does the seller have testimonials available?

  • Can you contact the seller or creator for more information?

  • Do they have support available for the product?

  • And finally, do they offer a sufficient return or money back guarantee to allow you enough time to give the product a good test?

Ok now I don’t recommend you just go out there and start buying a bunch of software, you need to do some research beyond the above questions, you want to qualify the product first. One of the best ways to do this is to get some feed-back from other users.

Only when you have qualified the product to be legitimate and you are totally comfortable with your research, only then would I suggest going ahead and obtain a product for use.

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2 Responses to “Are you using application software to assist you in your business? 7 things that qualify software.”

  1. Hi Kelly,
    Over the years I have been caught out many times and now use very similar check points that you list.
    The problem is that when a product is launched the service is always first class but once the guarantee period is over the problems start.
    I am now getting better at finding trusted marketers and quality useful products and software but it must still be very difficult for anyone starting out.

  2. Hi Mike,

    Thank you for your comment. I hear ya!
    Need some names of some good ones, let me know. :)


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