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Discover How ‘Mr X’ Built An Online Business Making Over $100,000 A Month (Mostly Profit) In Just 16 Weeks…


This is the transcript of the first ever public interview ‘Mr X’ has given.


Here’s a very quick background on ‘Mr X’:


Since 1980, he’s owned many, many successful businesses, making millions in the process offline and online. Here’s just the tip of the iceberg of his background and what ‘Mr X’ reveals in this interview:


  • How he started a web business with almost zero investment and built it up to making over $100,000 a month in consistent sales (mostly profit) in less than four months.
  • How he acquired the rights to a piece of software which was selling for $29.95 … and within weeks was very successfully selling it for $495 a copy, making up to $40,000 a week in sales.
  • How he sold many business franchise opportunities for $4,000 a sale from just one single sales letter.
  • And much more…




In the following section of the interview ‘Mr X’ talks about how he acquired the rights to a piece of software selling for $29.95 and very successfully sold it for $495 a copy:


Basically I spent some time surfing around on the net.  I knew, or had a good idea of the market I wanted to be in – it was poker related.  Now every time I opened a newspaper, it was all to do with poker.  Every time you turn on the television it’s poker this, poker that, celebrity poker, the poker channel.


So it was a really hot subject – I knew that, I knew a lot of people would be interested in it and I knew that poker is just perfect for the net.  The internet could have basically been designed for online poker.


So I knew that was the product that I wanted to get into, because it was a very hot topic at the time.


I just really went online – I keyed in “poker”, “poker software” into Google and started looking through the websites.


Came across one which I thought looked a very good product, but as far as I was concerned selling it at $29.95 was just so massively under priced.  And I knew that because of the popularity of the subject and the way that I intended marketing it, I knew that I could turn it into a much higher perceived value product, and one that would sell and sell easily at just under $500.


I got in touch – I sent the guy an email.  He very kindly got back to me.  I explained to him what I wanted to do.  We had a couple of chats on the phone.  A few phone calls backwards and forwards and we decided on me taking the product, rewriting the sales copy, re-branding it, repackaging it, putting it out under a different name – that’s exactly what we did.


Started advertising it in a few select magazines and offline places over here, started putting it on Google AdWords and before we knew where we were … I’d written some articles about it… we’d done some press releases … it started getting spidered by the search engines… before we knew where we were, we were number two and three on MSN search and we were getting picked up by all the major search engines and the sales started coming in.  It was just as simple as that.

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