About Me

I grow up in a small city in Canada called Red Deer in a typical semi-dysfunctional family, with an older sister and much younger brother (oops). Not all bad by any means, I was very active in baseball and hockey, never made the pros but made juniors in hockey.


Not being the academic by any means, I did much better in art and auto mechanics. So I pursued a career in heavy duty mechanics. Well with the economic down turn in the early 80’s, I some how ended up as a warehouse manager for an oil company for 14 years.


After another down turn and career change I tried many different careers from selling ice cream (big US company) to management in Wally World. I now drive a truck for a waste recovery company and soon I will be changing this page to “I quit my job…”


I have been trying many different things on the Internet since 2005, in many affiliate MLM programs mainly and let me tell you they may be worth it in the end but it is a tough go!


Recently I have learned the attraction of “residual income” is a relative term. I now believe the way to go is the direct marketing method with either other peoples products or as I have decided to go is my own products.


We will see how it goes but I have gotten my own “Mentor”, a couple actually, and the amount of things I am learning is phenomenal. You know, ‘how do they do that?’ kind of stuff and let me tell you it is not that complicated, you just need to be shown.


My name is Kelly and that is my story. And I’m sticking to it – lol. So if you are reading this and you too want to know “how they do that”, just follow my blog, I am going to post my whole journey and you WILL learn how they do it!