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Internet Crime!

Have a bug in my pants (just an expression – lol) about Internet Crime. As I’m sure, you may have experienced some form of scam going on these days, hopefully nothing too serious . It really gets me when I see some form of rip-off  happening as it directly reflects on all of us who [...]

In memory of 9-11

Just a quick note late in the day. I would just like to extend my condolences to those who lost loved ones on that tragic day. You are all in my thoughts and heartfelt prayers today and many days of the year as the tragedy often plays back in my mind for some reason, I [...]

Mentoring moving along

Well things are moving along in the mentoring courses I am taking. They are both very similar but I wanted two opinions as they say and I also have an old dog and a young pup for mentors. LOL not to offend, what I mean is the older one has more years of experience as [...]

Blog posting musts

Learned today about the important topics for the internet marketer to concentrate on are; -List blog posts, eg. “my top 10…” -Instructional posts for your subscribers. -Conversational posts for discussions on products and such. -Review posts for products etc. you have experienced. -Video posts to show you are real. -Personal blogs to share a bit [...]

Hot Today!

Just a quick note to let you know how hot it is here today. I believe it hit 32c today and let me tell you, it’ll melt the hoofs off a camel – lol. Well that is an exaggeration but for September in Canada, that is pretty hot, met an igloo for sure. Sure is [...]

New Journey Continues!

I have to say, I used to think blogging was boring and a waste of time, but since taking on my mentor and being told to start, I’m actually really enjoying it. It’s early days since deciding to change my path, but soon this blog will be HEAVING with great, quality internet marketing advice! I’ve [...]