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Social Site Marketing

A few tips for you today on social site networking; Sites such as Myspace, Facebook and Friendster have grown exponentially in the last couple of years and are subsequently great vehicles for marketing your website, completely free. Myspace members totaled over 200 million and it’s rising by thousands each and every day, so it’s certainly [...]

Posting for back links for SEO.

Hi All I have recently been getting some posts from people saying that my blog is not working on Internet Explorer properly. I have checked it out myself and all seems to be working just fine. My conclusion brings to me the obvious for the experienced and for those of you who are newer to [...]

What not to do or buy (One click technology)

In the effort to make money on  line, many people, including me , spend endless time and money trying new things. We have a tendency to be hooked into the hype and to the fantastic promises of one click technology that is out there. TRUTH IS – THERE IS NO ONE CLICK TECHNOLOGY – ITS [...]