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Just a quick note to let everyone know that the posts are going to be coming fast and furious in the new year. Going to be basically drawn on the ability to grow a sustainable business on the internet and much much more. Stay tuned… never been done before and I think you will like it.

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It’s about time!

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I know I’ve been absent for some time now but there is good reason.

I’ve been developing a new program that maybe you’ve seen the kind before, but unlike the others that send you to the required tools necessary to achieve your goals, we provide them for you.

Stay tuned for updates of the up and coming launch of this never been done before training site that will take you where you want to go, wether it be making some extra income to building your own sustainable business you can run from home.

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Best speech ever!

You Gotta Jump To Be SuccessfulAfter I tape an episode at Family Feud I spend a few more minutes with the audience. I talk about jumping.

Posted by Steve Harvey on Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Series On The Keys to Success – Volume 4

Now what you need are visualizations to accompany your affirmations. Simply you want to visualize your goals, That’s it!

Now I have been told a few ways to visualize my goals. If you are one of the people that can close your eyes and visualize your goals in color, you’re laughing. Use this method. I can’t do that so I use a Vision Board. You simply get yourself a 2 by 3 foot piece of cardboard, look through magazines to find pictures and words describing your goals. You then cut these out and arrange them on your cardboard in any fashion you wish (what feels right to you). That’s it, don’t complicate it!

Now read your affirmations out loud in front of a mirror for the most impact. Then close your eyes and visualize your goals or sit in front of your vision board and focus on each picture one at a time. That’s it, takes 10 minutes, simple in the end but VERY powerful.

I took it one more step. I bought a small mirror about one foot wide and 18 inches deep, glued (silicone works better so you can change them if you want) my pictures and words around the outside edge so you leave room to see your face in the middle. This covers the mirror and vision board.

This whole process will reset your thinking toward your goals and keep you focused on your goals, because right now, you probably have a picture of going to the gym or dealing with that troublesome co-worker in your mind instead of your goals, like your new house or new car or new job, whatever your goals might be. We are using these methods to introduce the new goals into our sub-conscience and after 30 days they will automatically be your first thought not buried under the garbage.

In the next post we’ll talk about taking action.

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Inspiration for 2014

Been a while since my last post so I thought I would start with an inspirational video I just found. I am also using the memories of my Dad who we just lost, now you know I’ve been, for my new inspiration for my 2014 plans – and they’re big ones :) .

Enjoy! Talk soon!


Series On The Keys to Success – Volume 3

In Volume 2 we discussed “setting our goals”. In setting your goals, you now have a target to aim at. Now we can look at a one of a couple of techniques that will affirm your goals and start to change the limitations in your sub-conscience.

Affirmations are a verbal commitment to your goals that tells your sub-conscience that this is the path you are going to follow (not just want to follow) and gives your mind specific details for achieving the goal.

The way an affirmation works is you will state your goal in the present tense. What I mean is, not want you want but what you have. As if you have already achieved your goal. We use this method because it will drive your sub-conscience to look for ways to achieve the goal and block out any of the limitations from the past hence opening up all the ideas and methods you need to further your success. Like I stated before, these ideas and methods have always been there but your limitations have kind of blocked you from seeing them.

Here are the 9 guidelines for creating an affirmation;

  1. Always start an affirmation with the words “I am” – the most powerful words in any language.
  2. Always use the present tense. As if you have already achieved your goal and you are there enjoying the sun set or driving that new car.
  3. State the goal in the positive. Affirm what you want, not what you don’t want. Never use a negative like – not, don’t, aren’t. Your sub-conscience will not recognize a negative. So for example – “I don’t smoke anymore” is recognized as “I smoke”
  4. Keep the affirmation as short as possible. Simply – the shorter it is, the easier your sub-conscience can pick it up.
  5. Make it specific, if its for income, state the exact target amount.
  6. Always use action words that end in “i-n-g”. (driving, working, golfing, vacationing).
  7. Include at least one dynamic emotional or feeling word. (loving, enjoying etc.)
  8. Make sure the affirmations are for you and not others.
  9. At the end ad the words “or something better”. You don’t want to limit yourself by hitting your goal and stopping. Why? Because of a quote i just heard – “If you’re not growing, you’re dying!” True of every living thing on this planet.

A couple of examples one of my own goals, my income goal, I want to be earning $200,000 per month;

  • “I am not making enough money at $5000 a month, I want more.”

In this example you see I used a negative, no emotion words and it wasn’t specific. The result is “i make $5000 dollars a month” and that is what your sub-conscience will try to achieve.

  • “I am happily and joyfully earning, investing, saving and donating $200,000 per month or more”.

In this example, which is my actual affirmation, I use 2 emotional words, 4 action words and a specific amount or more. That is what my sub-conscience is now working towards achieving and I must say, ideas coming to my are so abundant I can’t get them on paper fast enough. See these ideas, things and people were always there, we just couldn’t see them because of our limitations.

So write out your affirmations, I use 3×5 index cards which I neatly printed out the affirmations with a marker. You can type them out if you wish but I believe your own hand writing has more of an impact simply because it is yours. Also it has been said that text is read with the mind, hand writing is read with the heart.

What you want to do is to review these affirmations at least 2 times a day, preferably when you get up in the morning and when you go to bed at night. It doesn’t hurt while taking a brake during the day as well but twice will be adequate.

I keep them in front of the coffee pot for the morning and then in front of my lap top for the bed time. Some where you are guaranteed to see them. Pick a place you go to first thing in the morning and the last place at night.

Hope this makes sense to you. Next time I will cover visualization that will further enhance your aspirations and goals.

Till next time.



Series On The Keys to Succeed – Volume 2

In the first post I described how we are programmed to have sub-conscience limitations by those we look up to. Again, we shouldn’t judge those people, they only worked with what they had and it’s up to us to change this programming so we can move forward with our dreams and aspirations and achieve our goals. This brings us to our first step which is “SETTING OUR GOALS”.

This step is very simple, simply right down your goals and keep them in front of you on a daily basis. I recommend you review your goals at least twice a day. I review mine when I get up in the morning and when I go to bed at night. That way you go to sleep with your goals in your thoughts and wake up with your goals in your thoughts.

One way to have your goals with you at all times is to use small index cards you can carry with you at all times, giving more opportunity to review on cab rides, commuter trains, at lunch and so on. The more you can review your goals the better.

You can also keep a goals binder that you can track your progress, having a separate page for each goal. You are going to want to set goals for all aspects of your life including career, financial, relationships, health and smaller goals such as possessions – the house you live in, the car you drive, vacations you want to take, when you want to retire, where you want to retire and so on.

Be specific about your goals as well. The color of the car you want, the lay out of the house you want, exactly where your vacation will be and the date you want to achieve each goal. It is very important you be very specific what your goals are. The more specific you are the more easily attainable they are. Why?

Well the clearer you make your goals, the better picture you can paint for your sub-conscience, the easier it is for your sub-conscience to recognize the methods and paths you need to take to achieve your goals. What I mean is, the more specific your goals are, the quicker you will recognize the things, people and opportunities that have always been there but we where programmed to ignore because we didn’t believe we could have or achieve them. We didn’t believe we were worthy to have or be anything we wanted.

I am telling you now, you DO deserve to have and be ANYTHING you want. You have as much right as anyone to have or be anything you want in this world. And don’t let anyone tell you can’t. Frankly it’s none of their business, they are your dreams and aspirations and no ones but yours.

In the next post we will look at one of the ways you can affirm your goals to get you closer to your dreams.

Till next time!


Making Money Online – It Starts with YOU!

Yea I know, this was posted before. Had a little technical bump so I had to post again. Enjoy! More to come in the new year.

Series on the keys to succeed

Volume 1

As many of you have heard and many have said, 95% of people who try to make money online – Fail. Why do so many fail trying to make money online? Well you’ll get many different answers to that question by many different people in many different niches and on and on.

Truth be told, why so many people fail at making money online, is the same reason that so many people fail at off line businesses as well. They don’t really know what they are doing and don’t know where to go or who to ask. Yes, even if you have tried to find help, you where talked into some “made for you, ready to go online business” and have been given the run around. Hey, been there, done that. We ALL have at some time and many people come to realize they are being miss-lead, get mad and give up.

The thing is, as we grow up, we are programmed by our parents, teachers, friends and employers into believing that we must follow the regular life plan. “You can’t do that and support a family”, “you can’t have everything you want”, “you can’t compete with them”, “stop doing what you want to do and do what I want you to do.” “Get a good job and support your family.” “Stop dreaming of that stuff, it’s not realistic.”

Anything sounding familiar?

Most of us have heard these kind of comments from people before and that has set in motion our limitations that have kept most of us from achieving the success we dream of having. There’s been so much fear and doubt instilled in us as we grew up that we just can’t seem to get past the first hurtle. When the first obstacle get’s in our path, we tuck tail and give up. That’s true for 90 to 95% of the population, that’s why 10% of the population owns 90% of the wealth in the world. Only 10% of us have either over come these limitations or they grow up some how with out them. It’s not our parents and other influential people’s fault, that’s how they grow up. They are doing the best they can with the tools they had, which were instilled in them as they grew up. Can you see the snow ball effect this has been and will still cause in our society?

Lucky there is hope. Not so much hope as techniques and methods developed by some of the greatest minds over the years, to over come these limitations. Techniques we can use to reprogram our selves into believing that almost anything is possible if we only know where to look and who to listen to. I have recently learned these techniques and can tell you that they work and I’ll explain how and why.

Information Products – Create Your Own or Buy Private Label Rights (PLR)

Well I will tell you, after years of dabbling in the internet marketing industry participating in several programs, you know the MLM thing, I decided that we were all working hard to produce a few bucks. Then i looked at the number of people in the program in total and you multiple that by the amount of money you spend in the program yourself and wow, we are all busting our butts for a few bucks and the owners are making millions!

That’s when I decided that there has to be a better way to make money on-line and keep more of it for me. I mean that’s why we are all doing this right, to improve your families lives and give them a better future.

It became apparent to me that there was a lot of people out there selling these eBooks on line and they must be making money or what would they be doing it for? There was sites like Clickbank and others that sold these information products and we can sell any of them and make 50% to 75% for ourselves and that is a lot better than the results for my efforts in the other programs.

Then I got thinking that selling others people’s products at those commissions is great but what if it was my products that a bunch of other people where selling and I still make 50%. Ding ding ding, yep the bells went off and that became my goal. So… how do I do this? Writing was not my strong point in school so what do I do? I asked around in the circle I was hanging around in at the time and most either didn’t know or weren’t saying. (That’s another conversation)

After digging in the forum world then the blog world, I met some people who where into marketing information products for themselves and also with JV partners, mostly on Clickbank. I then spent some money on coaching which taught me an endless amount of knowledge (still learning) and the biggest thing I learned is that you don’t have to be a big time author to produce your own information products.

That’s where PLR or Private Label Rights products come in. You can buy the product already written, put your spin on it with graphics and some affiliate and website links. You then set up a mini site or sales page, put your product on one of the retail sites and you are off and running! It’s amazing what you can find out when you just do some digging, ask questions. The biggest thing is to keep at it, don’t stop because this person didn’t respond, just keep asking. Some one out there will answer your question eventually.

My best advise I can give is to get yourself a coach to show you how to do this process and start marketing your own products, that is how you can leverage other people efforts and grow your income tremendously. It has made a huge difference in my on line experience and the future is looking very bright!